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Two Million Tramadol Pills Seized in Gaza

The BBC and Washington Post have both reported on the seizure by Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement currently in control of the Gaza Strip in Palestine, of nearly two million Tramadol pills this week. The pills were reportedly confiscated from smugglers travelling from Egypt and have since been incinerated by local authorities.

The news highlights the growing international trade in tramadol as a recreational drug. Like America, the drug is treated as a non-controlled substance in Palestine, and is only available through prescription. The state’s Health Minister Basim Naim has stated that addiction to tramadol is particularly wide-spread amongst the countries youth.

The United Nations have stated that painkillers have become extremely popular in region since the military action by Israel in the most recent Gaza conflict which ended in January 2009. Many locals have turned to the painkiller to deal with the trauma and stress caused by the conflict, in which over 1000 locals were reported to have lost their lives. However many more have been left homeless and without basic utilities like running water.

Here at we believe that if there are further cases of major international seizures of the drug, we can expect international laws to be tightened around the world regarding the distribution and licencing of tramadol. This could lead to possible ramification of tighter local classification here in the United States regarding the sale of tramadol. This is not a necessarily a bad thing, however it put those on low income who rely on sources such as the internet to buy cheap tramadol, if indeed online sales were supressed. However, a properly regulated online pharmaceutical market would benefit both legitimate sellers and consumers.