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Experiencing Tramadol for the First Time: Weeks 2-8

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by Denise Wylie

As you know I started taking Tramadol Hydrochloride about 8 weeks ago after I suffered a nasty fall from my bike.  After my bike accident, my back pain was intolerable and I went to my Doctor to get some advice on how to deal with my back pain and chronic pain issues.  My Doctor was well aware of the fact that I had adverse reactions to other pain medications in the past.  He also knew that I liked to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, so taking any pain reliever that made me nauseous just wasn’t a pain management option for me.  After discussing the Tramadol side effects and what I could expect while taking Tramadol, I agreed with my Doctor and went online to fill my Tramadol prescription.  I needed the immediate pain relief from my back injury, but I was also hopeful that Tramadol would lessen the effects that I feel from chronic pain syndrome.

The first week of taking Tramadol was actually quite easy on my body, much to my surprise.  I did have some lightheadedness the first week, but it was nothing compared to the side effects that I had from other pain relief medications I had been prescribed in the past.  The best part was the fact that the Tramadol was really working to help with my back pain and my chronic pain.  By the end of my second week of taking Tramadol, my back pain had subsided considerably, but I continued to take Tramadol because it was helping with the chronic pain issues that I had almost gotten accustomed to over the past couple of years.  As I mentioned, I had tried some pain relief medications in the past for my chronic pain, but the side effects that I had just weren’t worth it, so I decided to just deal with my issues without taking medication.

After taking Tramadol for a couple weeks, my back was feeling much better and I got my husband back out on the tennis court for a quick but not-so-friendly game of tennis.  We are both very competitive and neither of us likes to lose.  I think that he was taking it easy on me though for the first few games that we played, although I think that he was just happy to see that my back pain was almost completely gone.  I was quite happy too because by this point, most of the Tramadol side effects were almost completely unnoticeable to me.  There were still times that I felt a little lightheaded after taking Tramadol, but for the most part, I barely even noticed that I was taking pain relief medication.  My back was feeling so much better from my bike accident and my chronic pain syndrome was so much easier to deal with too.  I was quite happy that my Doctor had suggested Tramadol for pain relief at that point in my life.  I wouldn’t say that my bike accident was a good thing, but I’m not sure that I would have ever started taking Tramadol if that hadn’t happened, and I wouldn’t have found out how helpful Tramadol is for chronic pain too.

Well, that brings me up to today, approximately 8 weeks after I had my bike accident and started taking Tramadol.  I am happy to report that my back pain is completely gone now and I have returned to my quite active and healthy lifestyle considering my other problems.  In fact, I would say that I am even more active now than I was before my injury.  I guess that the time that I spent recovering from my back injury made me realize how important my health really is to me and the rest of my family.  In fact, I decided to sign my husband and I up for a Salsa dance class that starts this evening!  I am quite excited and my husband is at least pretending to share my enthusiasm for learning to Salsa.  Who knows, maybe we will be able to convince our kids to take Salsa with us before we go to South American next winter.  Well, I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up too high on that I guess.

The past 8 weeks have really taught me some important lessons.  I am glad that I took my Doctor’s advice this time instead of going off of my own intuition.  I thought that I would just have to live the rest of my life with my chronic pain issues, but now I know that I can enjoy my life while taking Tramadol for pain relief.  I feel like my old self again and my family is so glad to have me back!