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Getting High on Tramadol: The Dangers of Recreational Use

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When I was in my senior year of high school, I thought that I had everything figured out.  I was the captain of our varsity basketball team, I was dating the captain of the cheerleading squad and both of us planned on attending college together.  I was going to be getting a full scholarship to play on the college basketball team and my girlfriend was going to get a full academic scholarship.  We were both so excited and we had big plans for our future, that is, until I broke my neck in the last practice before our basketball season started.  I went up for a rebound and my best friend accidentally undercut me and I hit the ground head first.

by Nick Pearson (alias)

After the initial shock of breaking my neck and going to the hospital, the reality that I wouldn’t be able to play basketball for my whole senior year started to set in.  I also felt lucky though because it could’ve ended up much worse, I could’ve ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

One of the worst parts about the whole incident was the pain that I experienced after breaking my neck.  I was happy that my Doctor prescribed Tramadol to help ease my pain.  In fact, there were times that the pain was just unbearable and the only thing that worked was Tramadol for pain relief.  However, I could tell that my body was also getting used to the Tramadol high.  I needed the Tramadol to help deal with my neck pain, but I also really started to enjoy getting high on Tramadol.  In fact, as my neck pain started to subside, my Tramadol recreational use started to increase.  I had no problem filling my Tramadol prescription online and my desire for a Tramadol high was greater than ever, which really scared me.

I guess that I had never really realized it before, but Tramadol recreational use was quite prevalent at my high school.  Many of my classmates realized how easy it is to get access to Tramadol and other prescription drugs, and it seemed like these drugs were quite popular for recreational use.  In fact, there were people taking Tramadol getting high right at school.  I know that Tramadol really helped the pain that I had from my broken neck, but many of my classmates simply loved getting high on Tramadol and they weren’t taking it for any pain-related issues.  In fact, some of my classmates even started asking me for Tramadol once they found I was taking it for my neck pain.  I knew that they just wanted to feel a Tramadol high, but I also knew that I could get in trouble and even arrested for sharing my Tramadol prescription with others.

Then, one day at school, something really scary happened.  One of my classmates overdosed on Tramadol because they had no idea how much to take and they had never taken it before.  They just heard that the Tramadol high is similar to drinking alcohol, so they decided to try it right there at school.  Unfortunately, that girl found out the hard way that Tramadol recreational use can have terrible consequences.  Luckily, she was rushed to the hospital and she had her stomach pumped and she ended up fine, although she also got in a lot of trouble too.

It was at this point in my senior year that my girlfriend and parents really started to get concerned about my Tramadol recreational use.  They could tell that I would get agitated when I didn’t have a Tramadol high, and they also knew that most of the pain from my neck injury was gone.  That is when they confronted my Tramadol use and asked me to go see my Doctor again.  They were concerned that I was becoming addicted to Tramadol and they knew that it would be better to get me help sooner than later.

So, I agreed to go see my Doctor again and made a conscious decision to stop getting high on Tramadol.  I decided that I would only continue taking it if my neck pain was really bothering me.  My Doctor decided to slowly wean me off of Tramadol.  He didn’t want me to experience withdrawal and he also didn’t want my neck pain to come back.  I am proud to say that I no longer take Tramadol unless my neck pain is really bothering me.  Tramadol definitely helped my neck pain and I don’t know how I would’ve coped with that pain if I didn’t take Tramadol, but I also found out about the dangers of Tramadol recreational use.  From now on, I will only take Tramadol when my Doctor prescribes it and will stay away from Tramadol recreational use all together.

2 Responses to “Getting High on Tramadol: The Dangers of Recreational Use”

  1. Chrys says:

    What happened to the girlfriend ? Is life ok now ? Sorry I’m just interested after reading your whole story 🙂

  2. Bill from Boomhower says:

    I took Vicodin for about 15 years following a truck accident. About a year or so ago, my Dr changed to Oxycodone. It’s been working well. I also have an implanted Morpine pump, and an implanted nuro-stemulator. I had Morphine in the pump for maybe 8 or 10 years, and then they switched to Fentinel ( not sure of the spelling). Less problems with swelling than with Morphine. Fentinel they tell me is a synthetic form of Morphine, about 300 times stronger. But they cut it with somethinvg, and sleed up/slow down the pump to give proper pain relief. Well earlier this week, my wife left, and I suspect she took or hid my brand new bottle of oxycodone, and yesterday I finishexd the previous bottle, and was shocked to see the new bottle was gone. Oxycodone is one of those hard to get drugs. They can’t justg call it in, I have to drive to the Dr just to get the paper script, then take it to the pharmacy and wait for them to fill it. I can’t just call and say my dog ate it, or I lost it or that my wife took or hid them. Anyway, in searching the medicine stashed around the house, I found a bottle of about 60 50mg Tramadol that was prescribed to my 89 yr old mom earlier this year. She’d fallen, breaking her hip, at the same time I was coming home frfom full knee replacement. SheKd only taken 4 or 5 pills and depends more on her herbs. I was hurting like hell the last couple of days without my oxycodone, barely able to move. I felt fortunate to find them, and took 2 50mg tablets about an hr ago. Since I knew nothing about Tramadol, I decided to google it to see what I could finxd, and see what to expect. That’s how I found this thread. Hopefully, I won’t have to take too many, and I’ll find my new bottle of Oxycodone soon. Anyway, I appreciate this being here. The rest of you folks take care out there, and happy trails. Figuratively.